Thursday, 9 May, 2013

Lets Bring Happiness Arround!

Happiness is the gist of life and every one of us knows that too. But what is happiness? How many of us would have actually tried answering this question. I bet almost none of us did! It is important to be happy in life but does it help us to be always happy? Questions are many and answers we all have, but it is now time to rethink of what we thought, it is time and not late, as it never is, to do the right thing, or to correct ourselves.
In this small world and a smaller life we live each moments struggling with life, trying to make it better, to improve, to grow, to be healthier, wealthier, to be superior and in the bargain we almost forget to live our life. Often times the happiness becomes restricted to a single person or a family. People seldom worry about anything that happens outside their perimeter. We are to blame ourselves for not being worried about others, but who would happily invite worries?
Feelings, be good or bad, can generally be called as a stroke,  and can be termed positive experience and negative experience  for good and bad respectively. A man considers himself always in the lower level or let’s says, amidst negative experiences or at the most in a neutral stage. He either thinks he is struggling or that he has much more to achieve. It becomes very difficult to find a man who lives in the positive zone, who is content with what he has, and live his life happily with whatever he has, without comparing or complaining.
We, human beings in general are ambitious, we have hopes about our future and have anxieties more than that. Each moment, we all try to enjoy a positive experience. It can be named anything from, happiness, gladness, relief, joy, satisfaction, success, peacefulness or calm. As matter of fact a person strives and struggles all through his life to be in a better situation and the struggle continues till his last days. A positive experience cannot be defined by guidelines. It depends up on a lot of factors like what you are, what is your social status, what is your immediate problem in life and the list goes on. A person sees a snake and is shocked eventually to plunge in to a deep negative experience. He will do anything from killing the snake to running away to attain a positive experience. But on the other hand a snake charmer, who is searching for a snake for a livelihood, is facing a negative experience and is trying his best to attain a positive state. If by chance he sees the same snake, he will become very happy.
So the question is what is happiness? The answer is, it is just a state of mind. So convincing your mind that you are happy with whatever you already have, must do the trick (But obviously you must try hard to reach to a safe point where you can take such a critical decision). The fact is, we all run behind money, fame, success, and many other accomplishments which, we think, will make us happy but imagine a time when you have all these, will your ambition come to an end?. The truth is a big NO. It is time we understand some lessons in life. We must learn to live a simple life, must learn to be humble in all our deeds, must teach our children moral values and social responsibilities, help others to an extend we can, preserve our nature and save earth in whatever possible ways and bring smiles around us.
Today let’s all pledge to be good human beings and bring some meaning to our lives. Let’s work hand in hand and understand each other perfectly and live amicably. Let’s set an example to people around, how a man must live his life. Let’s all be good examples of responsible citizens and let’s live our life happily ever after.

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