Friday, 7 June, 2013

It is a beautiful life!

Nothing can explain the agony of being away from their loved ones, but at times we are so used to it that the pain becomes a habit, but it doesn’t make sense either to state that it doesn’t exist. It exist, the pain remains, and we realize it only when we actually get rid of it. God’s wonderful creations, as we all are, are intensely flexible to any conditions that we may face in our lives, and sooner or later we get through, sometimes what we think is a dead end may actually be a new beginning, like a butter fly that comes out of a cocoon! It becomes so unfair to blame god for the troubles we undergo in our lives, because, without those troubles, we would not have known what happiness means, our lives would have been empty, so dull and monotonous, like a king who always wins a war, who, after some time feels like all his accomplishments were much inferior to what he lost in his life, what he sacrificed to be victorious.

We have heard many a times that a man who gets to do things he likes is happy and is fortunate if he gets paid for it! But today I will say, learn to like what you do and learning to do justice to what you do is all it takes to keep yourself happy. Try hard; avoid comparing yourself with people, for, if you do, you will perish, if you compare yourself with a person whom you think to be a better person, will morally kill you, and if you do it with people you think are below you, you will be so happy that you will stop progressing.

On this day let me thank all my loved ones (that includes my friends too!) for all the fuel they have provided to keep my life going this way, for without their presence, I would have failed to recognize this life so full of happiness!

Wednesday, 15 May, 2013

why must we look back?

How often do you look back? How many of us think it is essential to look back? How many of us know the why of it? Questions are some times better not asked , for who has time to answer?
I truly never thought I must look back all these years. When I said I don’t look back, that doesn’t mean I completely forgot my past, my friends and my own people, It does not mean I’m a shame less, ill mannered and arrogant brat who has forgotten his basics, No, that is not what I meant, I just meant, I was just trying to run away from the past, mould myself in to a better man, which I think, now I am.

There are some points that we always miss, There are some people who, in the beginning of the life race, were with us, but when we ran through all these years, mind focused on our aim, not let to be disturbed or distracted by anything on the way, not shaken by the hardest routes we travelled, not tired by the toughest climbs that we conquered, not let down by the weakest emotions that we overcame, not shattered by the relations we have broken and the the tears we had shed,  We had no time to look around but to move forward and we were far too busy to bother about people around us. We might have pushed them to move forward, pulled them to be in front, stepped on their shoulders to climb, broken many a hearts in deceit, ignored their cries and we are rewarded. But the success would not have been possible without them all, It is true that we are here today on the stand looking glad and proud to be what we are, but what if we were used up and wasted like many others?.

Now is the time we must bow them all who, gave us mileage, Every week man who let us go ahead, every person who sacrificed their life for our success, every single person who offered us a shoulder, and above all to God for choosing us to be the winners. It is time now to look back and share the happiness with them all, it is time to cheer the men who are following and who are lagging behind. Now is the time to lend a hand to people who may not make it without our help, It is time to carry those who are tired, It is time to guide people who lost their way, Above all it is time to let them all know that we are thankful, and that we care. It is time to wipe tears, to mend broken hearts.
It was a choice we made; the joys of life that we sacrificed, just to make sure there is brightness around, to have a happy future now and forever. Let us keep our doors open, let the light spread around, light lives around, and kindle hearts. Let us show people how it must be, let us inspire others and let us grow together, hand in hand.

( Dedicated to my dear friend Surjith for teaching us to see what must be seen!) 

Thursday, 9 May, 2013

Lets Bring Happiness Arround!

Happiness is the gist of life and every one of us knows that too. But what is happiness? How many of us would have actually tried answering this question. I bet almost none of us did! It is important to be happy in life but does it help us to be always happy? Questions are many and answers we all have, but it is now time to rethink of what we thought, it is time and not late, as it never is, to do the right thing, or to correct ourselves.
In this small world and a smaller life we live each moments struggling with life, trying to make it better, to improve, to grow, to be healthier, wealthier, to be superior and in the bargain we almost forget to live our life. Often times the happiness becomes restricted to a single person or a family. People seldom worry about anything that happens outside their perimeter. We are to blame ourselves for not being worried about others, but who would happily invite worries?
Feelings, be good or bad, can generally be called as a stroke,  and can be termed positive experience and negative experience  for good and bad respectively. A man considers himself always in the lower level or let’s says, amidst negative experiences or at the most in a neutral stage. He either thinks he is struggling or that he has much more to achieve. It becomes very difficult to find a man who lives in the positive zone, who is content with what he has, and live his life happily with whatever he has, without comparing or complaining.
We, human beings in general are ambitious, we have hopes about our future and have anxieties more than that. Each moment, we all try to enjoy a positive experience. It can be named anything from, happiness, gladness, relief, joy, satisfaction, success, peacefulness or calm. As matter of fact a person strives and struggles all through his life to be in a better situation and the struggle continues till his last days. A positive experience cannot be defined by guidelines. It depends up on a lot of factors like what you are, what is your social status, what is your immediate problem in life and the list goes on. A person sees a snake and is shocked eventually to plunge in to a deep negative experience. He will do anything from killing the snake to running away to attain a positive experience. But on the other hand a snake charmer, who is searching for a snake for a livelihood, is facing a negative experience and is trying his best to attain a positive state. If by chance he sees the same snake, he will become very happy.
So the question is what is happiness? The answer is, it is just a state of mind. So convincing your mind that you are happy with whatever you already have, must do the trick (But obviously you must try hard to reach to a safe point where you can take such a critical decision). The fact is, we all run behind money, fame, success, and many other accomplishments which, we think, will make us happy but imagine a time when you have all these, will your ambition come to an end?. The truth is a big NO. It is time we understand some lessons in life. We must learn to live a simple life, must learn to be humble in all our deeds, must teach our children moral values and social responsibilities, help others to an extend we can, preserve our nature and save earth in whatever possible ways and bring smiles around us.
Today let’s all pledge to be good human beings and bring some meaning to our lives. Let’s work hand in hand and understand each other perfectly and live amicably. Let’s set an example to people around, how a man must live his life. Let’s all be good examples of responsible citizens and let’s live our life happily ever after.

Monday, 29 April, 2013


coldness of
ignorance freezing me to
an early death

lost my sleep
over the chains lost
now for ever

the world is mine
heart  too-keep it safe
hands are yours!

middle of agony
and ecstasy lies
a happy life


crying aloud
holding embedded 
fortunes tight


happiness hid
in me, when I
searched arround


life, an incomplete poem
I waited
for the next line


till death will I keep
a secret 
never told


fate, dry as summer
death,an escape
do I deserve?


cut down or dead
the lasting clutch of roots


heart of rock
true she said
etched is love


darkest corner of mind
I found hate
eager to be unleashed


drenching sun with colours
till it ran away
in the fear of being quenched

shot dead
a soldier

God's gift
for people around 
my face

leaves fall
roots inter twain

on top of the wo

on the peak
one fascination


I slept over my dreams
but to see them again
and slept for ever dreaming!

mind your business (JLT)

running nose
smelling feet
why cant people mind their own business?!


Illusions of a beautiful life engulfed him for a life time untill the day death proved it otherwise! 

Monday, 14 January, 2013

scent of death

There is nothing as seductive as the scent of death, for, the moment you smell it you are addicted to it. There is no coming back!

Thursday, 10 January, 2013


Today let me speak of love
The bliss of love
The blessing called love
Of the captivated mind
Of pampered hearts and
What makes us understand its existence.
It all started on a fine day
When I opened my eyes
I saw strange faces
But each one talking to me
Each one looking at me
Each caring me
Smiling at me and trying to please me
Each had but one thing in common
Later in life I learned it was love
But it was strange, It followed me every where.