Friday, 7 June, 2013

It is a beautiful life!

Nothing can explain the agony of being away from their loved ones, but at times we are so used to it that the pain becomes a habit, but it doesn’t make sense either to state that it doesn’t exist. It exist, the pain remains, and we realize it only when we actually get rid of it. God’s wonderful creations, as we all are, are intensely flexible to any conditions that we may face in our lives, and sooner or later we get through, sometimes what we think is a dead end may actually be a new beginning, like a butter fly that comes out of a cocoon! It becomes so unfair to blame god for the troubles we undergo in our lives, because, without those troubles, we would not have known what happiness means, our lives would have been empty, so dull and monotonous, like a king who always wins a war, who, after some time feels like all his accomplishments were much inferior to what he lost in his life, what he sacrificed to be victorious.

We have heard many a times that a man who gets to do things he likes is happy and is fortunate if he gets paid for it! But today I will say, learn to like what you do and learning to do justice to what you do is all it takes to keep yourself happy. Try hard; avoid comparing yourself with people, for, if you do, you will perish, if you compare yourself with a person whom you think to be a better person, will morally kill you, and if you do it with people you think are below you, you will be so happy that you will stop progressing.

On this day let me thank all my loved ones (that includes my friends too!) for all the fuel they have provided to keep my life going this way, for without their presence, I would have failed to recognize this life so full of happiness!

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