Wednesday, 5 November, 2014

I saw a girl

I saw a girl !
(courtesy : google)
I have seen her before
In all her shabbiness, all her sluggishness but
This was different
This was quite unlike her
And I saw her again
And again and again
 like a lamp ; Giving light, spreading it to more flames
Like the tide ; Constant, unfailing, untried
Like the sun ; Leading, waking up all, synergizing
Like the sea ; Full of opportunities, so full of life
Like the wind ; Soothing, cooling and relaxing
Like fire ; Ready to take on anything on its way
Like a tree ; Nesting us all, giving shade n shelter
Like the river ; Flowing, nurturing and nourishing
And I admire her, not for what she did
But for what she did to us!
For showing us - how to be
For telling us silently – why to be
And letting us show – what to be
Today I thank God
For giving her to me
As a friend, a light and a light house
For a few has it all.
With her by my side, I know
I’m fortunate coz
I know have it all !I know have it all !

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